Four Superb Bojos: Matthew Jukes

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“Four Superb Bojos”

We are delighted to report that our selection of 2015 Beaujolais recently tickled the tastebuds of Matthew Jukes. Writing in MoneyWeek on 18th November, he says:

2015 is not just a good vintage in Beaujolais, it is a great vintage!…

HH&C showed me four superb 2015 Bojos the other day…
I recommend them all, but the wine which combined all of these admirable traits in one bottle was my featured Côte de Brouilly which was joyous and yet bracingly authentic in the same breath…

Value and excellence is alive in the vinous heart of France and it is called 2015 Beaujolais!

Matthew Jukes, MoneyWeek 18th Nov ’16

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